Learning never Plays out!!!

Listen to your favorite audiobook with YOUR favorite instrumentals.

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Reading is finally FUNdamental


The 1st App in the world to Perfectly blend Music and Learning.

Finally, you can easily choose from thousands of instrumentals to compliment your Audiobooks.


Step #1

Open your favorite
Audiobook app

Step #2

Play an Instrumental in
Books & Beats app

Step #3


Helps EnergizeThe Brain

Listening to music while
learning increases attention.


Studies show listening to music
is a workout for the brain.

Pure & Simple

Music elevates your brain waves.


On the Go!

Listen to your favorite
AudioBook Blend™ on the way to work.

Enhance Memory

Music helps the brain picture and visualize.

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Your Friends

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Be better than Average.

The average American doesn't even read 1 Book after high school. Stay ahead of the game.

  • Convenient, learn anywhere
  • Move Forward
  • Inspire yourself
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Discover a Whole New Way to read

Where audiobooks took reading, Books & Beats takes audiobooks.

It's time to continue down the path that audiobooks took us and let technology help us learn.


Get Your Free Download Of App today!

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7 Must-Listen Audiobook Blends™

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